Steven Grant – Fearless, Watershed Warrior, Speaker, Musician

Steven Grant“Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, and the people He has chosen for His own inheritance.” ~ Psalm 33:12

America. Heaven’s kingdom. The facts come with the heritage of American exceptionalism. In this blessed land of plenty, we know that the founders believed America was established by Almighty God. Steven Grant believes it, and wrote a book about it, called America is in the Bible.

Welcome to our journey. We share God’s word, the message of strength, power, and conviction, as we walk you through the process of becoming a watershed warrior, fearless for God, in America. We believe God’s liberty reigns.

Hallelujah! Let God arise!


Steven GrantDriving along the highway, the path is clear ahead and you’re enjoying the scenery, and then suddenly something appears on the road ahead, and you must change lanes. Were you aware of what was on the road beside you? Did you know it was safe to move into the next lane? If you’re like most of us… You glance to the side, but you swerve to miss whatever is in your lane hoping God had prepared, and cleared the way…

Such is the path of a speaker following God’s Will.

When God sets you in the right place to speak to the people who need to hear God’s message, you’ll know you’re being led by God. Go ahead, open that door and let God’s words flow… Continue reading “Speaker”

About Steven Grant

Steven & Cheryl GrantSteven Grant is a pastor, speaker, author, and musician. He has pastored churches in Colorado and Indiana. His current church is Destiny Christian Center in Greeley, Colorado. This ministry shares God’s Word with every segment of society, ranging from the individual to the halls of government.

Steven Grant’s profound message is timely for this generation. Now, his message is available to you.

Steven Grant currently lives with his wife, Cheryl, and daughters, Elisabeth and Sara who are also active in God’s ministry. Grant co-hosts In Defense of a Nation with Stan Grant. The broadcast deals with issues relevant to today’s world crisis, pertaining to God and Government.   Continue reading “About Steven Grant”


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Steven Grant““The United States of America is not in the Bible.” So said a noted pastor, during a national interview. Is this true? If so, the implications are staggering. America would be a nation declining into oblivion, or she might be Babylon. Either way, she would be hated by God, and Christian believers should get out while they can.

However, what if the United States of America is in the Bible? Welcome to the discovery! Steven Grant takes you on an exciting ride through the Bible and history, one that reads like an adventure novel. Questions addressed in the book include:

Is America merely lucky?
Does God have His hand in America’s history?
What will happen to America?
How does America fit into God’s plan?

You may not think of America the same way after reading this book. For Christians, and for patriots who have loved America but didn’t know why, this is a book for you. America in the Bible. Heaven’s kingdom. It’s time for the truth. And it’s time you knew.”